Chicago Pneumatic CP7600xC-R BlueTork Nutrunner

Chicago Pneumatic CP7600xC-R BlueTork Nutrunner

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CP7600xC-R - Chicago Pneumatic - BlueTork Nutrunner - The most ergonomic & efficient solution for trucks and buses wheel maintenance

The CP7600 series one inch nutrunners come with one or four accurate adjustable torque setting , which can be calibrated on request. The air supply will be closed as soon as it reaches the preset torque. Two motors provide the power with extremely low vibration and noise.

When truck and bus wheels are mounted and tightened properly, it ensures the safety of drivers and passengers, and can reduce road accidents. Chicago Pneumatic’s BlueTork CP7600 nutrunner series is a reliable and ergonomically designed tool, when used in a comprehensive wheel preparation process that offers a unique torque control solution. The BlueTork nutrunner can tighten wheel nuts to a precise specification without using impact force. It is the only non-impact tool with a shut-off nutrunner available on the market for fleet maintenance applications.

The BlueTork nutrunner provides high user-comfort when handled, and can reduce maintenance issues. Since the tool uses continuous driving force, instead of impact force, it is quiet at 79dBA, with vibration of less than 2.5m/s.

The BlueTork nutrunner is a unique piece of equipment for organizations who are looking to improve their fleet maintenance in terms of quality, ergonomics and reliability. In addition to providing operator comfort, the BlueTork nutrunner performs an important function in the wheel tightening process. This is particularly important for vehicles with frequent start-stop journeys, such as those taken by city buses or refuse trucks.

The BlueTork nutrunner enables operators easily to re-set torque for each use, providing accurate, precise tightening to the original equipment manufacturer's guidelines. The shut off valve controls the tightening process, while the torque reaction is taken by a reaction bar. The tool uses a dual motor setup which provides initial run-down at 100 rpm (50 ft.lbs) to quickly snug the nut, while the second motor rotates at 8 rpm to deliver the final specified torque.

CP7600xC-R with one torque setting with forward and reverse.

CP7600xC-R4P with four torque settings with forward and reverse.

  • CP7600xC-R one preset torque
  • Ideal for truck and bus lug nuts
  • Air Shut-off clutch at preset torque
  • Integrated reaction bar standard with blade
  • Extended version with included spring load cup reaction bar
  • Low noise level: 79 dB(A)
  • Almost no vibration : <2,5 m/s²
  • Selection Up to 4 calibrated tightening Torque
  • Accurate torque
  • Operator's comfort for more productivity.
  • Fast rundown.
  • Reaction bar with extended with spring loaded cup (included)
Specifications Nutrunner with 1 adjustable torque setting::
  • Part number: 8941076021
  • Model: Chicago Pneumatic CP7600xC-R
  • EAN number: 0015451641108
  • Drive Size: 1''
  • Reaction bar: xC reaction bar
  • Reversible: Yes
  • Socket retainer: Hole
  • Torque preset #: 1
  • Max Torque (rforward) Nm: 900
  • Max Torque (reverse) Nm: 900
  • Working Torque Range (forward) Nm: (450-900)
  • Working Torque Range (reverse) Nm: (450-900)
  • Avg. Free Speed rpm: 100
  • Weight kg: 8,80
  • Length mm: 460
  • Free Air Consumption L/min: 1140
  • Noise level dBA: 79
  • Vibrations:(ISO-8662-7) < 2.5 m/s²
  • Air Inlet NPTF: 3/8'''
  • Min Hose Size in (mm): 13
Specifications Nutrunner with 4 adjustable torques settings:
  • Part number: 8941076025
  • Model: Chicago Pneumatic CP7600xC-R4P
  • EAN number: 0015451641122
  • Weight kg: 9,10
  • Length mm: 495